Bible Commentary on Jonah

I am currently writing commentary on the Book of Jonah. As the sections are completed, this is where they will get posted. So if you are interested in studying Jonah, bookmark this page, and check back soon!

Also, if you want a free ebook of the Grace Commentary on Jonah when it is complete, make sure you sign up for the free email newsletter. I never spam you, and subscribers get 3-4 free ebooks per year!

As the Grace Commentary on Jonah is written, posts will be added to the chapters below.

Introduction to Jonah

Outline of Jonah
Date of Jonah
Author of Jonah
Audience of Jonah
Themes in Jonah
Historical Background to Jonah
Reading Jonah Again for the First Time
Bibliography for Jonah

Jonah 1

Select which verse(s) you want to study.

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Jonah 2

Jonah 3

Jonah 4


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